let food
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The food we eat has the ability to switch on and off certain genes. Naturopathic Nutrition uses science based evidence to create an individual dietary life plan. Through Nutritional Therapy we can harness the way we live, eat, sleep, think and breathe to achieve optimal health and vitality. Nurture and nourish your way to a slim, fit, healthy and happy you!

Nutritional Therapy supports many body systems including: Digestion and gut health (IBS, reflux, weight management). Balancing Hormones (Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, PCOS, Endometriosis, Type 2 Diabetes). Nervous system (Stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression). Musculoskeletal (Gout, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis).

meet the nutritional therapist

lucy slateR
DipNTCNM MBANT CNHC registered 

Member of The Professional Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP).

Lucy Slater trained in Biomedicine and Naturopathic Nutrition at The College of Naturopathic Medicine. Using science based evidence she will tailor an achievable programme for optimal health.


Lucy has been a body worker for over ten years also teaching Pilates and Yoga. During this time she has come to appreciate how we can take control of our health on a cellular level. Rebalancing the body’s chemistry to support metabolism, gut health, hormones, sleep and relaxation. Naturopathic Nutrition looks at our whole epigenetic picture and the areas that need more nourishing.





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"It was suggested to me that I should see Lucy as a nutritionist and as a result of her very professional and personal help, I could not recommend her more highly.

She had a very caring and sensitive approach to my problems and her advice was thoughtful and very
well thought through.  It was very reassuring to see someone like Lucy who had ideas that I had
never thought of….and worked!"

- Maya Adcock

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Consultations take place in Harley Street and via Zoom, lasting 1.5 hours. Here the root cause of symptoms and any imbalances are identified.


Your different systems will be investigated, including: digestion, hormonal, cardiovascular, 
reproduction, respiratory, immunity and nervous system.


You may be advised to take a functional diagnostic test to gain further insight into any dysfunctions. 

After the initial consultation you will receive a personalised plan suggesting specific lifestyle and dietary recommendations, including supplements if needed.


The plan feedback will take approximately 30 minutes via Zoom or in clinic.

You will attend a follow up clinic around 6 weeks after the initial session, lasting 1 hour. Here your progress will be reviewed and your plan tailored to support optimal health and healing.

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